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Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension

Better Magento 2 Checkout extension is the Magento 2 module that allows you to boost customer retention and reduce cart abandonment due to an attractive and quick checkout process. This checkout extension provides you with the ability to customize the checkout page and provide a better experience for your customers and prospects than one step checkout or the default Magento checkout.

Make checkout easier and streamline the customers' flow.

  • Optimize Magento two-step checkout process
  • Upload icons for each payment method in your store
  • Set default shipping and payment methods for checkout
  • Enable order comments on the checkout page
  • Rearrange shipping and billing address fields
  • Disable/enable header on checkout
one-time payment
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Magento 2 Checkout on all devices
Upload payment method icons in Magento
Set default shipping and payment methods on Magento checkout
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
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Provide Seamless Magento Checkout Process

The multi-step complicated checkout process is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment that prevents you from getting the revenue you’re supposed to get. That is why you have to look for ways to improve that and make checkout in Magento 2 as simple as possible.
Fortunately, you have found our Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension that helps you to boost the default Magento checkout. It provides a simple 2-step checkout page with intuitive, comprehensive steps and an attractive design.

Seamless Magento Checkout Process
Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension

Make Payment Attractive and Easy

One of the most important checkout steps is payment. The more payment methods you provide, the more freedom customers have when choosing how they want to pay. The last thing you want is your customers to leave at the very last minute just because they don’t find a suitable payment method.
In our quick Checkout Extension for Magento 2, you can add up to 10 different payment methods and upload attractive images to apply on the payment page. Moreover, you can choose the default payment method for customers to use. It simplifies the checkout even more.

Benefit from Responsive Design

Mobile users are usually under-appreciated when it comes to eCommerce. A large number of online purchases are made through mobile sources these days. So, you have to keep that in mind to satisfy all customers regardless of the device they came to your website from.
Magento 2 Better Checkout Extension provides a highly responsive Magento 2 checkout page so your customers enjoy the seamless purchasing process on all devices.

Responsive Magento 2 Checkout
Magento 2 Checkout Page Design

Customize Checkout Page

Straightforward checkout boosts your customer retention and also reduces the cart abandonment rate. Though checkout already contains all necessary information, you can still remove the header and footer to eliminate a distraction.
Make your checkout page not only convenient and quick but attractive as well!

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Checkout Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

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Gather Order Details

Better Magento Checkout Extension allows you to improve not only the checkout page but the overall customer experience in your store. It enables your customer to add order comments on the checkout page directly to add details about the order, shipping, and delivery. The comments are then visible in the admin orders grid and customer account orders that simplify customer-store communication.
Allows your customers to leave notes and exceed their expectations with excellent and detail-oriented service.

Magento 2 Order Comment on Checkout
Rearrange Magento Checkout Address Fields

Rearrange Checkout Fields

Default shipping/billing methods, payment method icons, and checkout page design can influence customers' purchasing decisions. No doubt. However, the way fields are arranged on checkout can have a huge impact too.

That’s why you need to arrange Magento checkout fields carefully with our Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension. Simply specify the sort order for the shipping and billing address fields to change their order on checkout. It really couldn’t get simpler.


Can I install Better Magento 2 Checkout module via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.


What is the Checkout Page in Magento?

Magento 2 checkout page is a page where customers fill out their shipping, billing information and choose the most suitable payment method to finalize the purchase.

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Quick Overview Video

Boost your checkout with the Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension by adding default shipping method, order comments, and payment method icons. 

Provide a better experience and a more convenient checkout process for your customers.

Watch this video to learn more about the extension options and place an order with Better Checkout!
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Purchased the extension to make our payment options more clear when users were checking out. The plugin works great, worked perfectly with the Argento theme we are using. We had some issues where a few of our payments were not showing and the support team fixed them immediately. Very pleased with the plugin and support!

Jason Nicholas
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Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension
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