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Shopify Blog App

Advanced Blog App for Shopify is an app that will replace the built-in blog and skyrocket your traffic. This blogging solution has all you need to manage a successful blog on Shopify without relying on a subdomain or multiple different add-ons. 

Related posts, related products, advanced SEO settings, unlimited blog entities, and blog design templates. These and multiple other features for hassle-free blog management and driving results.

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Nail the Best Blog App for Shopify

Be one step ahead of your competition with the robust blogging solution for Shopify stores. You can forget about “easy” drag-and-drop page builders or built-in blogs that make things complicated. This Blog App offers hassle-free management and inspiring blog designs. Use a rich MSWord-like editor, straightforward configuration, and SEO-optimized features to your benefit and create a blog that drives results.

Shopify Blog
SEO-friendly Shopify Blog App

Create an SEO-friendly Shopify Blog

Unlike most Shopify Blog Apps that offer different SEO features separately, this blogging solution HAS IT ALL. You can confirm advanced permalink settings, define what pages to include in the blog sitemap and specify unique metadata. The Blog App also handles canonical tags, breadcrumbs, rich snippets and robot meta tags automatically. Managing blog SEO is easy with SEO-optimized Blog.

Create Multiple Posts, Categories, Tags and Authors

Engaging and results-driving blog doesn’t come down to a couple of good articles. As you expand and develop your blog will grow too. That’s why this Shopify Blog App is perfect for scaling up. Start small on the number of entities with a free plan and develop into a blog with unlimited blog posts, categories, tags, authors and comments. Let us be a part of your blog’s growing journey.

Create Blog in Shopify
Shopify blog templates

Choose Between Engaging Blog Templates

How often do you pay attention to the visuals? The template of your blog page matters, the same as the way elements are arranged on the page. It influences time on the page and engagement score. Magefan Shopify Blog App comes with 18 attractive templates. This enables you to change them whenever you please, just in one click. We will help you create a blog people love reading. 

Add Featured and Recent Posts to the Homepage

Your store homepage speaks volumes and makes an impression on your potential customers. To make sure this impression is positive, you highlight the best things about your business there: testimonials, products, services, etc.

Your blog deserves to be there too. So, you can now use the Magefan Blog App for Shopify to add recent and featured blog posts to the homepage in a few clicks. No additional apps required.

add posts to homepage in shopify
Blog related posts Shopify

Encourage Reading with Related Posts

No need to get related post apps separately as our Blog App for Shopify already has it built in. You can encourage your blog readers to read more by adding related posts at the end of the blog post page. Make sure visitors can grab everything you’ve got on the topic and make them browse through your blog longer.

Revolutionize your blogging game

Elevate your blogging strategy and stand out in the digital landscape with the enagaging content

Optimize your blog

Boost Conversion with Related Products

Regardless of the topics you decide to cover in your blog, they are always tailored to your store. So why not use your blog to drive more sales through related products as well? Promote the backpacks you sell in the posts about travelling hacks, or some pet accessories in a post about different breeds. Opportunities are limitless considering how easy it is to add related products to this Shopify Blog.

Blog related products Shopify
add related post to shopify products

Add Related Posts to Products

Although you can add related products to your blog, you don’t have to stop there. You can also promote your blog and keep your store visitors engaged with related posts.

Related products are bidirectional in this Shopify Blog App. It means that every time you add a related product to blog posts, these posts appear on a product page automatically. All you need to set this up is to add a related posts block to the default product one time. Could it be any easier?

Manage Advanced Blog SEO URLs

Same to sitemaps and canonical tags, the way you structure your URL can influence your ranking. If you want to boost the SEO of your blog and drive more organic traffic, you should maintain good URL structure. Luckily for you, we’ve covered this. Shopify Blog App comes with advanced permalink settings that are really straightforward even for non-SEO people. Want to remove the parent category from the post URL or add the author ID to the author page link? Suit yourself, but don’t overdo it.

SEO-friendly blog URLs
translate blog in shopify

Translate Your Blog to Multiple Languages

If you manage a multi-language store it’s important to provide personalized experience to your customers. However, not only in the catalogues. You need to deliver content in multiple languages too. So we make it possible in our Shopify Blog App.

You can now easily translate your blog to any language in your store. Simply click on the Localize button and translate the title, content and metadata for all blog entities. Localize your blog posts, categories, tags, authors and comments for a better experience!

Deliver Exceptional Experience Across All Devices

Stay assured your blog will look attractive across all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. Magefan Blog App for Shopify comes with a responsive design to deliver an exceptional experience for your readers.

Responsive Shopify Blog App
Blog sidebar

Improve Navigation Through Blog With Widgets

To make your blog even more user-friendly and improve navigation through it, you can configure blog sidebar widgets. Allows people to find blog content faster with a search bar. Display a categories tree to reflect the topics you cover in your blog. Enable recent, popular and features posts to drive attention to relevant pieces. Display archive to show the progress you’ve made and RSS Feed to view blog data in standard computer language.

Preview and Schedule Blog Posts

Knowing how your blog post will look prior to publishing will save you from the hassles of editing on a high-traffic blog. Sames as scheduling a blog will remove the limits of publishing all content manually. Our Shopify Blog App has both! It helps you to maintain a stress-free environment and makes content creation on Shopify a complete breeze.

Preview and Shcedule Blog Posts
Manage Blog Comments in Shopify

Approve and Publish Comments

You need comments to get feedback about your content and to establish a conversation with your readers. This Shopify Blog App provides 3 comment types, out of the box: Magefan, Facebook and Disqus which you can edit, approve or disapprove.

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Magefan Blog is far superior to the stock shopify blog. The support has been excellent, I submitted some suggested functionality and they responded immediately and added that requested functionality. We were already paying $7.99/mo for Custom Authors, this functionality comes built into magefan so it was a no-brainer for us to switch. Plus the ability to add categories for navigation is huge. I do wish that blog posts showed up in searches. It should be included in the basic plan. An additional $20/month for this is too much.

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